/ 2022

"In surfing there is a move called “the fade”. It is considered by most surfers to be the iconic power move that demonstrates significant skill and experience to artfully execute. It requires the confidence of a Kahuna, the timing of a Ninja, and the deep Waterman instincts honed by years and years of lung bursting wipeouts on waves of significance. Watching a surfer “fade” after takeoff, essentially means you are watching a surfer go in what you think is the wrong direction. Where the average surfer would’ve taken off and predictably, safely gone right the fading Kahuna instead does the opposite. He (or she) goes left towards the pit of the breaking wave, the churning white water no man’s land that the average surfer is doing his best to avoid. The Kahuna tempts fate…intentionally. The fading surfer has now put themselves in a dangerous position, and calmly, almost nonchalantly they wait to the point of apparent procrastination. They’re drifting left. When are they going to turn you ask yourself? Why are they fading so far back in the wrong direction and seemingly so committed to possible annihilation? Why wait to the last millionth of a second to make the most critical carving bottom turn known in surfing? That turn and its apparent perfect timing is the best indication you’ll ever have that you are watching someone who knows what they’re doing. They’ve waited to make that turn and when they do it’s a revelation. Behold the neck snapping swift sudden change in direction and a sling shot burst of speed across the face of the wave…in the right direction."
- Robin Donaldson. "Re: Midwestern Bloc." Received by Thomas Prinz, 8 May 2022.